How to Make Print & Cut Stickers


We are on to video #3 of our Free Core 4 Mini Course on the essential skills every Cricut crafter needs to know!

If you missed video #1 or video #2 go back and check them now!

One of the most confusing ideas for beginners to wrap their heads around is print and cut projects…

BUT, I promise you it is so much easier than you think and you’ll be way less intimidated after following along with this lesson…

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1 thought on “Core4 Video #3: How to Make Print and Cut Stickers for Cricut”

  1. Erica,
    How to get print and cut to work consistently. I had a previous print/cut label that I did to print and cut on sticker paper, now it only prints the pictures…no text. I have tried making a new label but it only works if the label is huge. Once I made it smaller and duplicated to get 4 to a page it only printed 3 lines of the text for the first one and then nothing but the black box cricut uses to cut.


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