How to Install Inkscape

One of the best things that any crafter can do to get the most out of their cutting machine is learning to use Inkscape!

What is Inkscape?

Inkscape is a free (yep, you heard that right!) program that works with both Windows and Mac computers and has all the same essential skills that expensive programs like Illustrator have, but for zero cost.

In the videos below I will walk you through where and how to download and install Inkscape on your computer (it’s not compatible with iPads or phones).

Here’s the link to the latest version of Inkscape that I recommend installing.

Oh, and if you have a previous version of Inkscape installed on your computer, go ahead and uninstall it before installing the latest version.

How to Install Inkscape on a Windows (PC) Computer:

How to Install Inkscape on a Mac Computer:

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  1. I just love the way you included the computer symbols within your instructions regarding how to find if your computer is 64-bit.


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