How to Make a Layered Vinyl Decal

Alrighty, folks!

We are rocking and rolling and on to video #2 of our Free Core 4 Mini Course on the essential skills every Cricut crafter needs to know!

If you missed video #1, check that out here!

For this tutorial, I’ll be showing you not only how to layer vinyl (a super important skill that I’m always being asked about), but also how to design your own decal!

Pretty cool, right?

I am super passionate about teaching crafters to design their own SVGs so they aren’t reliant on having to buy or hunt for pre-made designs all the time, so I am so excited to give you what may be your first taste of SVG design practice.

So without further ado…

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3 thoughts on “Core4 Video #2: How to Layer a Vinyl Decal”

  1. Love this! Inkscape seems to have moved though and some of the options have also changed in InkScape.
    Thank you for this video!


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