How to Make a Shirt with Layered Heat Transfer Vinyl

Can you believe it?

This is the final video of our Free Core 4 Mini Course on the essential skills every Cricut crafter needs to know!

If you missed video #1 (cards), video #2 (vinyl decals), or video #3 (print + cut stickers) go back and check them now!

When I was starting out, I really wanted a nice straightforward and easy to follow lesson on how to make a shirt with heat transfer vinyl (also referred to as HTV or iron-on).

So, that’s exactly what I’ve created in this beginner-friendly t-shirt tutorial on how to layer HTV. Hope you find it super helpful!

Links Mentioned in Video:

I hope that you are feeling WAY more confident after completing our Core 4 Mini Course and are feeling excited about all the projects you can make with your machine!

If you’re not ready to stop here and love learning through hands-on projects like these, then you will LOVE our Mastering Your Cricut course that is on sale now!

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