How to Create Mockups for Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl

Have you ever bought patterned heat transfer vinyl but were afraid to use it because you weren’t sure how it would look with a design?

I completely understand because it’s not cheap and you don’t want to waste it!

That’s where this genius trick comes in – I’ll teach you how to create mockups in either Design Space or Inkscape so you can see exactly what it will look like even before you cut and make adjustments accordingly.

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Get the exact patterned vinyl prints used in the video:

Bonus Tip: Some vinyl suppliers may already have photos of full sheets of vinyl on their websites in which case you can use those instead of having to take your own! (as long as it’s high enough resolution)

Want to get an idea of the wide variety of patterns available? Check out this roundup of patterned heat transfer vinyl from our friends at How to Heat Press.

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4 thoughts on “How to Create Mockups for Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl”

    • It sounds like you are uploading as an image instead of as a pattern. Make sure when you upload you go to “upload pattern” (right side of page)

  1. This is such an awesome tutorial! I have been using Inkscape for over a year and I had no idea you could do this. Thanks so much for sharing!


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