Is the Cricut Venture worth it?

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The Cricut Venture is $999 retail but can be found on sale as low as $799 so it’s the most expensive of the Cricut machines.

So is it worth it?

For most people, the answer is simple. No.

Here’s why:

  • The main benefit is the larger cutting size 24 inches x 12 feet (144 inches)
  • However, I rarely create projects that big and most people don’t unless you are using for a business so it would not be worth the price tag ($300+ more)
  • It uses the same tools as the Explore series machines and is NOT compatible with the QuickSwap tools for the Maker (rotary, knife, debossing, etc)
  • So while it can cut larger with some materials (e.g. vinyl or paper), it is not able to cut other materials like felt or fabric nearly as well as the Maker series
  • It requires special cutting mats so you can’t repurpose mats you have from other Cricut machines.

Since the main benefit of the Venture is the wider cutting capability, here’s a summary of each machine’s max cutting size:

  • Cricut Explore series and Cricut Maker: ~11.5″x23.5″ (w/mat)
  • Cricut Maker 3: 12″x48″+
  • Cricut Venture: 24″x 12′ (or 144″)

And with that larger cutting capability, you also get larger print then cut project max sizes:

  • Maker or Explore Series: Letter size paper (most common): 7.44″ x 9.94″ max but can use larger paper for larger sizes if your printer supports them…Legal (7.44″x12.93″) Tabloid (9.94″x15.94″) or A3 (10.63″x15.49″)
  • Venture: up to 24 in x 28 in*

*Important to note that most people don’t have a printer that can print this large so you tend to be more limited by your printer’s max size than your Cricut’s

To sum it up…

Unless you are running a business that will be frequently cutting extremely large projects (up to 24 inches x 12 feet), then I would recommend purchasing a Cricut Maker series machine instead.

With the Maker, you will get more tools to use and more materials you can cut (just won’t be able to cut those super XL projects in a single pass).

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