Cricut Maker vs Cricut Maker 3 Comparison: Which Should I Buy?

With the release of the new Cricut Maker 3, you may be wondering which is best to buy or if it’s worth upgrading?

(deciding between the Explore Air 2 and Explore 3 instead – read this post)

I’m going to answer that very simply and honestly (not a sponsored post) and I pride myself on getting right to the point so…

The verdict:

I do not think it is worth upgrading to the Maker 3 f you already have a Cricut Maker machine.

If you are buying a new machine and deciding between the Maker vs Maker 3, I would recommend buying the regular Maker (as long as it’s still available)*

The only reason I would recommend buying the Maker 3 is if you are going to be cutting projects requiring cuts of 12″ by >24 inches often. That’s truly the only key benefit of the new Maker 3 that would warrant the price.

*it’s possible that they will stop selling the Cricut Maker soon in which case you would want to purchase the Maker 3 instead by default.

Now here’s some more details on why I say this:

  • The Maker 3 is $429 (can find on sale for as low as $349)
  • The Maker is $399 (can find on sale for as low as $199) so often up to $150 cheaper than the Maker 3 depending on current sales.
  • The Maker 3 does not include a cutting mat or the rotary blade (which are included with the regular Maker) so those are already additional add-on costs ($30-50+) you’d have to buy
  • The Maker can use all the same tools as the Maker 3 (rotary, knife, etc)
  • The only key difference is that the Maker 3 can cut longer projects >24 inches because it doesn’t require a cutting mat.
  • I would still often use a cutting mat even with the Maker 3 because I often use leftover scraps of paper or vinyl and not full rolls (can be more wasteful).

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