11 Genius Cricut Organization Hacks for All Your Supplies

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Is it just me or is buying and collecting Cricut craft supplies almost its own separate hobby I enjoy it so much? If that sounds like you, you’re definitely going to love this post on Cricut organization hacks for all your supplies! I’ve got options for those of you lucky enough to have space to have a craft room and those who don’t have a dedicating crafting space and instead have to repurpose the dining room table.

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1. Portable craft supply storage cart

Cricut Organization Hacks: Rolling Craft Cart

I love this craft supply storage cart for those that have a craft room or not because it can easily be rolled out of the way (aka into a closet if you don’t have a craft room). Plus, it has all the essential drawers for supply storage and a spot for your machine right on top! (via Amazon)

2. DIY Framed Pegboard Tool Organizer

Love this cute idea for not only storing, but turning your cute Cricut accessories into a focal point in your craft room. (via Jennifer Maker)

3. Use command hooks to neatly hang your Cricut mats for storage.

Love this vertical storage option that basically takes up no space and can be easily added to pretty much any desk! Genius! (via Laura’s Crafty Life)

4. Organize your vinyl scraps in a binder with plastic dividers.

Vinyl isn’t cheap so it makes sense to hold on to those scraps and reuse them when you can. But, you won’t be able to if you can’t find them when you need them. That’s why this super simple and cheap hack is perfect! Simply grab a binder, add some plastic sleeves (great deal here) and you can organize your scraps by vinyl type and color easily. (via Where the Smiles Have Been)

5. Cricut Tote/Roller Bag with affiliate link

Cricut Organization Hacks: Rolling Tote Bag

Are you lucky enough to have a group of crafty friends? Well then craft nights and hang out sessions are a must and so is this Cricut tote or roller bag to transport your machine and supplies back and forth. (via Cricut)

6. Storing weeded HTV

Especially if you are a seller, prepping designs can make a huge difference in cutting down the time to fulfill orders. That’s why this hack is so smart: store your weeded HTV designs on plastic binder sleeves (great deal here) and place them in a binder for easy access when you’re ready. You can even use the sleeves when shipping designs to customers. (via Cutting for Business)

7. Use a filing system to store cardstock by color

While it looks nice to have those big vertical shelves with all your cardstock, they do take up a lot of space you may not have, so this Cricut organization hack is a perfect alternative. Store your cardstock in a file organizer and label each with the color for easy access. I love how this one just took a whole punch of the actual paper to refer to the color. (via Pinterest)

8. Genius hack for organizing reusable stencils

Especially if you are a seller and reuse stencils over and over, this is a genius hack on how to organize them using items you likely already have around the house – hangers and close pins! Even if you don’t they won’t cost you more than a few bucks to get all the supplies you need. (via Repurposing Junkie)

9. Storage hack for extra blades

Love this clever idea to use an empty Mentos container to store extra Cricut blades! (via Pinterest)

10. DIY Hot Glue Gun Stand

If you love to make paper flowers with your Cricut, then you probably use your hot glue gun all the time and this next hack for a DIY hot glue gun stand is perfect for you! (via Chica Circle)

11. Set up a shipping station if you are selling your creations

Last but not least, if you have a cutting business, you’ll want to check out this awesome post on setting up a DIY shipping station for maximum efficiency when fulfilling orders. (via Elissa Carden)

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Which of these Cricut organization hacks for all your supplies was your favorite?

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13 thoughts on “11 Genius Cricut Organization Hacks for All Your Supplies”

  1. I’m liking the portable craft storage option. I was about to have my husband build shelves in my closet but this is more practical, and the ability to move it all around with me… game changer! Plus, I’m going to now hang my Cricut mats – love that! Thanks.

    • I got a 12” X 12” accordion file folder from a dollarstore, intended for scrapbook paper. I notice the dollarstores don’t carry as much scrapbooking crafts materials, so maybe check out an actual scrapbooking store or online. My paper always stays flat; I was concerned the edges might get caught in the seams of the folder, but there was ample space. Good luck.

    • I store mine flat on a 12×12 horizontal paper rack with a divider between types and colors in that type. I put a piece of chipboard on top with a beanbag, because it’s humid here in Arkansas and it keeps the vinyl nice and flat. Because I don’t do large pieces, I also cut my rolls into 12×12 and store this way. It takes up WAY less space in a small studio. Happy Crafting!

  2. I found that an over the door hook on a closet door is a great out of the way place to hang my Cricut mats. They’ve been hanging on the door for months (when not in use), access is perfect and no one has had a problem with them being in the way.


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